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Trip to England 2018

Sunday, 8 July 2018

On Sunday we started the journey at 6:30am. We stopped at a gas station every two hours to make a little break to eat and drink.
At 3pm we arrived at the harbor and at 5pm we left France with the ferry. Being on the ferry was very nice because we saw a lot of seagulls, the sea was very beautiful and the sun was shining.

Later we saw a man feeding the birds with some crisps. He held them up and the birds came to him to take a piece. They came very close, so we could take real good pictures. When we went in, we saw a shop where we could buy sweets, souvenirs, something to drink and many more things.

At 6 pm we arrived in Dover and our bus took us to Southwick, which is near Brighton. On the way we saw a lot of cows, sheep and horses which were very cute. At about 9 pm (10pm in Germany) we met our host families at a lorry park near the sea. Then we brought our suitcases to the cars and rode to our host families’ homes. We had only a host mother who was very friendly and who made us something to eat. We had pizza, noodle salad and potatoes with cream. After dinner we went to our room and fell asleep immediately. 

Aline Fischer and Helen Hammer (8c)

The English-Club goes England July 9th to July 13th 2017

Sunday: The first day - travelling from Karlsruhe to Britain

First we met at the bus terminal at 3.45am. When it was 4 o’clock our bus driver drove us from Germany via Belgium to France. At 2pm in Calais it  took our ferry one and a half hours to take us to Dover. It was so great to see Dover Castle above the town and the white cliffs. From Dover we just needed to drive to our meeting place for two hours to meet our host families. It was strange to see the cars driving on the “wrong” side of the street. After having arrived in Southwick, we all were picked up by our host families.

Dorian Thimm 8c, Jan Leppin 8c, Leonard Sperling 8d, Khaled Zeddam 8c